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Why Some Indian Officials/Politicians love Israel?

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Or, Why the DRDO & Indian Scientists are against the deals with Israel?

Oct 12, 2006

The process of acquisition of the Barak missile system from Israel is replete with instances of “violation” of procurement rules, “overlooking” of the opinions of the then Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and the then Defence Secretary T.R. Prasad, and “undue haste” shown by the Bharatiya Janata Party-led Government in clinching the Rs. 1,125-crore deal.

As per the existing norms of procedure of Defence Procurement, 1992, DRDO concurrence was a pre-requisite for acquisition of any weapon system by import. But the DRDO never concurred with the option of importing the Barak anti-missile system during 1998-99, the CBI probe shows.

Procurement rules violated, opinions overlooked in clinching Barak deal process

———————- February 10, 2009 ———————

In a letter to Manmohan Singh, Communist Party of India-Marxist general secretary Prakash Karat and CPI general secretary A.B. Bardhan said: “We are writing to you regarding the contract for air defence missile systems placed by the MoD (ministry of defence) on Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI). The amount involved is around Rs. 10,000 crore for the supply of around 12 such systems.

“This is surprising considering that such a contract has been given when IAI is already under investigation of the CBI on charges of bribery and corruption for the anti-ship, ship-mounted Barak missile system. We had brought this to your notice in our earlier letter dated March 18, 2008 about the kickbacks and use of middleman in the Barak deal, which are in violation of Indian laws,” the letter said.

The defence ministry said in December it had decided against procuring the Trishul missile system developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and would instead purchase IAI’s Spyder missiles.

[My Comment: Now you know why Indian defence scientists hate deals with Israel. Indians make better ant-missiles, while their bosses want to buy inferior items from Israel]

3 Reasons why the deal with Israel Aircraft Industries is harmful to India


Written by S Ibrahim

Feb 13, 2009 at 11:28 am

2 Responses

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  1. I can understand the sentiments of Syed Ibrahim. I also can understand the sentiments of Muslims of South Asia. But do mustlims ever try to understand the sentiments of Hindus? Who form 82% of India. Do we have to live by the standards, opinions and preferences of Muslims and follow their dictated foreign policy. If they have allegience to Palastanians, do we have to have the same too? Cannot we decide whom we like or dislike or with whom we will deal or not deal. If majority of Indians, who happend to be Hindus like to deal with Israel, do we need to take the permission of Syed, or Ummah or Pakistan? Cannot we decide our foreign policy?

    Does India tell Pakistan or Bangla Desh, how they should conduct their foreign policy and where they can buy their equipment? Are there any Hindus left in Pakistan or Bangla Desh to question anything openly?

    Those who wanted to live by the tenets of Islam chose to immigrate to Pakistan and those who remained to live in India are expected to live by the secular tenets otherwise their options are very clear. If the decision is made to buy missiles from Israel, why these people are making fuss. Did any Pakistani Hindus were allowed to protest the purchase of missiles from China? I think some people have tough time to live as minority and want to behave like nothing happend in South Asia. If Syed is very perticular about Israel and hates Indian government for dealing with Israel, may be it is high time to start thinking of immigration to Palestine

    Shiv Shankar

    Mar 21, 2009 at 11:29 am

    • Shiv Shankar,

      There is no point in bringing religion, foreign policy, love or hatred for Palestine or Israel here. I’m a proud Indian and i’m a Muslim, and i dont see any conflicts here.

      The issues here are
      #1: National Security. Procuring low-quality / sub-par arms from anybody is not a reassuring thing for Indians (including the Hindus). What if China or Pak attacks India – These missiles, arms and ammunitions wont save Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs etc in India

      #2: Violation of procurement rules. Nobody, politician or bureaucrat, should violate these rules. And, these are reported in mainstream, trusted newspapers – not some obscure websites

      I’m a patriotic citizen, and have my allegiance to India. So, there is no need for me to migrate. Any patriot will like to see his/her country self-sufficient, and will prefer indigenous development. I want DRDO, who are doing a good job, to build missiles for us. I dont want to import from Russia, US or Israel – especially when the local product is superior to the imported one.

      Seyed Ibrahim

      Mar 21, 2009 at 1:06 pm

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