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Dont Visit or Forward Junk Sites, FB Pages

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Summary: People come to know about anti-islamic websites primarily through emails & social media (like, Facebook shares). So, by not forwarding those emails, or sharing the FB posts or tweets, we can prevent Muslims from visiting those junk sites. Simple. Just DON’T forward. Read on for a detailed analysis and how those who forward actually help those junk websites.

“Dear Brothers and sisters please send this message to all your contacts!!! If you dont…. A Muslim(s) around the world could be receiving false information about Islam which you know about, send this messages as soon as u have read it. Beware of the following websites”. How many times have you received emails / SMS like the above?

These people may have good intentions, but their actions do the opposite. These emails/SMS hurt the cause of Islam. In other words, these are counter-productive. Reasons:

1. Reading and forwarding these emails are a waste of our time. How many of us regularly visit genuine Islamic websites? How much time do we spend on them?

How this hurts: We spend negligible amount of time on genuine islamic sites; browsing the fake ones eat up even those few minutes. It’s a double whammy if you consider the next point. That is – you are not only avoiding (or starving) the good/genuine sites, but also increasing the popularity of anti-islamic ones.

2. Search Engine Optimization. Search engines like Google, Yahoo etc use complex algorithms to rank websites. The more popular a website becomes, its rank increases. It’s like, the more marks you get in school, your rank goes up. If a website’s name appears in so many forums or other sites, or if many people visit that website, then searches at Google and Yahoo will list that site name in the first page.

In other words, if we keep visiting / forwarding fake quran sites, and if someone types “Quran” in Google search, then those fake quran sites will be listed ahead of the genuine Quran related sites.Do you realize why forwarding is a horrible thing to do? So, please dont forward, nor visit the unnecessary websites.

Here is an incident. One person became slightly interested in Islam, and searched the google for Quran (Not the exact term). One of the top links he got was a link associated with those who say two verses were wrongly added to the Quran [A US group]. Now, how did that website come ahead of genuine Quranic sites? {Answer: So many Muslims clicked that site and increased its ranking, and not many Muslims visited genuine / good Quran sites} He thought that was a good site to learn Quran, contacts his Muslim classmate, and the classmate tells me this story

We, the Muslim forwarders, are responsible for misleading other brothers & sisters by making them visit anti-islamic websites. If you want to spread Quran related websites, please visit/forward these Quran related links:

Tafsir Ibn Kathir

The same logic applies to Videos too. There are plenty of junk in YouTube (and others) reportedly talking about Islam. Please dont click/view/forward them.

Q: Isn’t it our responsibility to forbid evil (by telling everyone about anti-islamic or fake quran sites)? Who’s responsible when some people read those sites, and get misguided?

On Nov 15th, 2007, i got the above question, and i responded to that brother.

Responsibility to stop bad-things DOESN’T always involve advertising about that evil. There is a Fiqh ruling: Preventing an evil shouldn’t cause a greater evil. Sometimes the best way to stop an evil is to ignore it. This was true 1000 years ago, and it is true in the Web era too. If a person drinks but wants to quit that habit, you help him out with medications, group support and other help. You don’t tell the whole world about it. This is an easy example.

How about a prostitute (I know this is a dramatic example. Please don’t be offended. I’m not trying to be rude. I just want to use a strong example)?. If that is not a crime in your country, you can’t approach law enforcement. So, what would you do? “Send an email to all the people you know saying that in so-and-so place, there’s a prostitute. Her FB page is …. email address is ….., her phone # is ………. So, please don’t go there! And forward to all your contacts!!” Hope you got my point.

Now, let’s get back to junk websites. How do Muslims get to know about them? Who introduced them to us?

1. When you opened internet explorer / chrome / firefox, it automatically took to you an anti-islamic site? NO

2. In the Jumua bayans or other lectures, the imams / speakers are telling those site names? NO

3. We saw the billboards/hoardings on those sites on the main roads? NO

4. We saw the advertisement for those sites on NY Times, The Hindu and Arab News? NO

5. We heared those sites mentioned in CNN, BBC, CBS, Doordharshan, and Al-Jazeera? NO

Then how? We get to know of them thru these ways.

1. SMS (Messages on Phone)

2. Emails

3. When we search thru Google for some islamic terms / events

4. Social Media

So, what should we do when we get SMS or email? Delete them and inform the sender not to do such things. Why does Google and Yahoo throw up those sites? If you understood my main message, you’ll know the main culprits are the people who forward and/or click them.

Will you please send this message to your friends who sent junk-sites? Tweet the short URL A lot of damage is caused by Muslims who aren’t aware. Falsehood spreads like fire. When we ask people to spread the truth, some people hesitate. The fact is “Truth is not an interesting topic”, and Satan (Shaitan) doesn’t want us to spread the truth. You can even copy the contents of this blog and put them in your blog or website.


Short URL:

The admin of is also a tired of receiving hundreds of emails like the below:

(( http://www.——–.com
To : All Muslims :
This Site is against Islam !!
Please tell all friends to include in their e-groups … instantly e-mail to all friends !! ))

He has written an elaborate response title Let’s Fight Islam Online. Here’s an edited excerpt:

What is the purpose behind the circulation of junk sites and calling Muslims’ attention to them ?
Some may suggest : Caution and Observation as a Muslim might not be aware at first browse !
Not at all my brother, you underestimated Muslims ! these sites apparently are an eye-witness for itself. No need for you and me to promote.

More astounding.. you are promoting the same self thing you are alerting to beware of ! what a bewilderment ! This means if I knew that some kind of press released a notice / booklet against Islam abusing Allah and His Messenger (PBUH), what is the best way to warn others ? Buy 1000 issues and stand at a crowded corner distributing a free issue to every one, Screaming out !! this is against Islam !! Beware !!?

To be fair, nobody would approve the above behavior to be serious warning than being a promotional trick! You have been that person of the 1000 free distribution issues when you forwarded these emails.


Written by S Ibrahim

2009-06-30 at 5:06 PM

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