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Build your own Iron Dome against pro-Israelis

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Q & A from Amir Khalil. Edited a bit.

Here are some questions you will most likely get from people who insistently support Zionism, and here are some quick responses that will shut them up and make them realize how illogical their views are. Later I’ll post questions you can ask them, to stump them too. (parenthesis are my commentary)
Them: Israel has the right to defend itself. (usually how every pro-Israeli starts)
You: Have you seen the death toll? There are over 1900 dead in Gaza, almost 80% are civilian. Meanwhile, there are AT MOST 65 dead in Israel, only 5 of them civilian. (As of Aug 10th)

Them: That’s because Hamas is hiding bombs in residential areas.
You: All of Gaza is residential. It’s one of the most densely populated locations in the worlds with 10k people per square mile. (to put this in perspective, mention that London is 12k, and NYC 25k).

Them: Hamas is also using civilians as human shields (they may refer you to a video/videos)
You: Civilians have no options but to be human shields. They don’t have lofty bomb shelters like Israel to hide in, and they are blocked on all sides by Egypt, water and Israel. (There is nothing Hamas could do to prevent it, so Gazans have accepted death, which is pretty much what the MP says in that “confession” video.)

Them: Even then, Hamas started this conflict by kidnapping three Israeli teens.
You: Didn’t Israel already launch Operation Brother’s Keeper in response to that, where IDF kidnapped and imprisoned 350 West Bank politicians and leaders and killed 5 Palestinian civilians?

Them: Yeah but Hamas decided to fire missiles at Israel since then.
You: Should I repeat? 350 West Bank leaders were kidnapped and imprisoned?

Them: Even then, they have fired 1600 missiles so far into Israel.
You: Except almost none of them went “into” Israel because they were intercepted by the Iron Dome save a few. In addition to that, Israelis have bomb shelters every 5 feet, and can even download an app that tells them when and where the next missile will be. By the way, did I mention that these terrifying missiles are home-made.

Them: Israelis still have to live in fear of Hamas missile fire.
You: And how many have died inside of Israel? One? Palestinians have been living in fear of the gun ever since 1948, and that’s well before Hamas existed. And tens of thousands are homeless, orphans and widows because of Israeli aggression.

Them: That one civilian was killed after Israel offered a ceasefire, which Hamas denied. See, they’re militant.
You: Actually, Egypt offered the ceasefire to Israel, and Hamas was completely left out of the negotiation. Did you know that Hamas offered a 10 year truce a few days later where they ask for IDF to remove tanks from their farms so they can farm, access to Al Aqsa Mosque, and the return of the 350 prisoners? Despite these benign terms, Israel denied and subsequently launched a ground invasion.

Them: All of this traces back to Hamas and Islamist/Jihadist/terrorist organizations because at the end of the day, they started the conflict.
You: Actually, Israel and the Western superpowers started the conflict because Britain gave Israel a country they had no right to give away.

Them: That land belongs to the Jews. They do have the right to it.
You: If you’re a Jew, read your Torah. God forbade you from having your own nation after the destruction of Solomon’s temple over 2000 years ago.

Them: But Jews have been persecuted for thousands of years. Jews have the right to freedom.
You: And do you know the only place that they found refuge for thousands of years? In Muslim land: Al-Andalus, the Ottoman Empire, Madinah, and even, you guessed it, pre-1948/Historic Palestine. Muslims have been protecting Jews from persecution for thousands of years.

Them: But Muslims already have over a dozen countries. Jews just want one.
You: No one said Jews can’t live in that land. You just can’t break international law and illegally occupy it.

Them: But Jews deserve it after the Holocaust…
You: So let me get this straight? Because Jews were oppressed, they have the right to oppress?

Them: You’re just Anti-Semitic.
You: Tell that to Norman Finkelstein and Jon Stewart.


Written by S Ibrahim

Aug 10, 2014 at 11:32 pm

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