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SUN Rising from the West? NASA Declared? NO

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There is an email/Facebook post circulating with various titles “SUN Rising from the West”, and “SUN FROM WEST…NAASA DECLERED”. You will see an attachment – a scanned copy from Business Recorder (Fri April 9, 2010). Another email doesn’t mention the source.


When we observe the sky, the Sun, Moon, and stars appear to move from east to west because of the rotation of Earth. However, orbiters such as the Space Shuttle and many artificial satellites appear to move from west to east. These are direct satellites (they actually orbit Earth in the same direction as the Moon), but they orbit Earth faster than Earth itself rotates, and so appear to move in the opposite direction. Mars has a natural satellite Phobos, with a similar orbit. From the surface of Mars it appears to move in the opposite direction because its orbital period is less than a Martian day. There are also smaller numbers of truly retrograde artificial satellites orbiting Earth which counter-intuitively appear to move westward, in the same direction as the Moon. [Source: Wikipedia]

In simpler terms, this is nothing unusual. These have been going on for a long time. The Sun is not rising in the West.

Muslims should believe the authentic hadeeths. There is a hadeeth on the sun rising from the West, during the final days. Imams al-Bukhari and Muslim narrate from Abu Hurayra (RA) “…The final hour will not begin until the sun rises from its point of setting. When the sun rises from the West and the people see that, they will all believe…”.

The hadeeth on Dajjal “…His period on earth will last for forty days: one day will be like a year, one like a month, one like a week and the rest of his days will be like your days” [Imam Muslim narrated from al-Nawwas ibn Sam ‘an al-Kilabi] is true. Muslims should have 100% faith on these authentic narrations.

The intentions of those who forward may be good, but some of the emails/posts are inaccurate. The problem / issue here is this: In the article, there is no mention of NASA, except in the title. So, when did NASA observe this? Where is the proof from NASA, or other sources. And, this rumor isn’t new: we can find the same article on the internet dating back to many years. I saw a 2007 posting of this article. Another individual mentioned that he found one 2003 article. Islam doesn’t need fake proofs.

Please see Misleading emails from Muslims

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Written by S Ibrahim

2010-05-16 at 8:59 PM

2 Responses

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  1. i really appreciate you for this most valuable article.thank you. allah’s blessing will be with you for spending time to educate people about islam.


    sara rizwan

    2014-07-25 at 1:47 AM

  2. i really appreciate you for the valuable article. Because i saw the same article and i really wanted to confirm that. When googled i found this. Thank you brother.

    Allah’s blessings will be with you for your valuable time and the efforts your taking to educate muslims.



    2012-10-10 at 10:26 AM

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