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Role of Congress in Babri Majid Demolition

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English: Rear View of the Babri Mosque.

Rear View of the Babri Mosque. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Kar Sevaks from VHP, Bajrang Dal et al physically demolished the Babri Masjid, while Kalyan Singh was the CM of the BJP ruled state. Let’s go back a bit.

The idols were first placed in the Masjid on the nights of 22-23 December, 1949. GB Pant was the CM of that State, while Nehru was the PM. Nehru sternly instructed UP Chief Minister GB Pant to remove the idols forthwith. The latter promised to comply, but kept dilly-dallying, in view of the general elections which were due in less than two years. The same consideration weighed with Nehru also, so he too began to look the other way.

The whole episode took place at a time when the BJP, or even the Bharatiya Jan Sangh, was yet to be formed. It was the Indian National Congress which colluded with Hindu communalism and presided over the conversion of a historical mosque into a “disputed structure”.

(Will try to add the intermediate history later)

The unlocking of the mosque (February 1, 1986) and the subsequent ‘shilanyas’ of the Ram temple (November 1989) were performed when the Congress was in power at the Centre, and in Uttar Pradesh.

Former Prime Minister, the late P.V.Narasimha Rao wanted Ram temple at Ayodhya: P.V.R.K. Prasad



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Feb 10, 2009 at 12:26 pm

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