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Caution: Emails on medical benefits of fruits, Veg, etc

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500 year old green tea fields, Boseong, Jeolla...

Emails / articles are circulating with claims that this fruit can cure cancer, that leaf will prevent heart attacks etc. Please bear in mind that the medical field is very intricate. What works wonderfully for one person may be harmful to another.

Even a simple item like Green Tea works differently. I drink a lot, and have positive results. For the type & quantity of foods that i eat, my cholesterol & weight are much less :)-. But, a few in-laws repeatedly got cold due to that. They feel good when they don’t take Green tea. Those who write positively about green tea should also mention the side effects, which can affect some people.

None of those emails / articles mention any side effects, negative aspects or warnings for medications. For example, Can the people who take blood thinner tablets eat that specific fruit / veg / leaf? Can people with certain allergies eat them?

Most of them also don’t cite proofs. What makes those email even more suspicious is that they have a list of products (with photos) that contain the ingredients of that fruit / vegetable / leaf.  It may be difficult to find proofs for பாட்டி வைத்தியம் / நாட்டு  மருந்து (traditional / alternative family medicines). To try these traditional medicines, i need to hear the benefits from reliable sources (like relatives who have tried those medications). Any quote from reliable doctors, labs or medical magazines would help. Without any citations, we don’t have the ability to distinguish a reliable article from an advertisement that exaggerates the benefits & hides all the defects / problems).

It is OK to eat “காட்டு ஆத்தா” (Soursop / Prickly Custard Apple) or any other fruit when you are healthy. But, if you are sick or take any medication, you better be cautious before you take those fruits / capsules.

One gentleman emailed me the following (unedited):

Green teas is good. when????It is good – when one doesn’t have other problems like BP, Diabetic, Eye defect etc….

Based on the informations received by various e-mails, one of my friend took Green tea for more than 4 weeks daily usage, developed to giddiness (dizzy) and send to hospital in a stretcher admitted in hospital for 2 days.  Doctors didn’t find any problem to him till today.  Then from India the Indian  natural medicine doctors told it may be from Green tea.

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  1. Whenever the health benifits given with certain fruits , vegetabel etc to cure certain diseases,it may be applicable for the ideal condition . it is not essential to considered with induvidual health condition . it is upt you to decide whether it is sutable for you or otherwise you have to consult with your dcoctor . But it is may be true abouts the points of health benifit provided for the fruts, veg, or nuts ect .

    So we cant rule out the health benifits promised for certain items .

    omar abdullatheef

    Jan 24, 2012 at 1:44 pm

    • All the food items (including fruits & Veg) have certain benefits. The concern is using them for curative purposes. For example, one email mentions that Kaattu Aatha fruit can cure cancer, and is better than chemotherapy.

      Question 1: What is the proof?

      Q2: A cancer patient may be taking a variety of medicines. S/He may have other ailments too. Is there a guarantee that this fruit (which is claimed to be powerful) won’t interfere with those medicines?

      Seyed Ibrahim

      Jan 24, 2012 at 11:32 pm

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