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Solution Vs Problem Orientation/ Bill Gates on Philanthropy

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To the Muslims:

You probably have read, or at least received several emails on the backwardness of Muslims, atrocities against Muslims, Insults on Islam etc; followed by “Please forward to all your contact” (I don’t forward). If you read some of the socio-political magazines, you could see that they also describe the same stuff over and over. It’s important that we know what is really going on around us, but

• How beneficial it is that these emails / reports are read only by Muslims?
• Why is that no email / magazine talks about solutions – even simple actions?
• Why did we become a nation (Ummah) of complainers?

Why is that only a few are talking/writing/thinking about solutions? Rather than buying these magazines, I’d rather spend that money to help a student become a journalist who can present the truth using The Hindu, Dinamani, NDTV, etc. Or, create a fine lawyer who can defend Muslims in court.

My request: When some speaker or a writer, talks about the issues, or describes the problems – ask him/her this: What do you think are solutions, which can be done by you and me? Let’s not get into solutions that require massive investment (from Kings, or Ministers). God will not ask you on things beyond your control. But, if you could do a few things, but didn’t (and complained that rulers or rich Muslims aren’t doing) – be prepared to answer in the Hereafter.

Role Model: Remember the story of a blind Sahabi (Companion of the Prophet PBUH) who wanted to go to war(to defend Muslims). He didn’t think his blindness was an excuse (like many who think, if only had more money, or if only I were a Prime Minister, I’d do this and that). When others asked him how he could contribute – he replied: “I can carry the flag of Islamic army. Since I’m blind, I won’t be afraid of enemy. Besides, I increase the count of Muslims by one

Please consider this: Some of your class-mates / colleagues may be working to improve the spiritual, educational and financial (poor laborers, don’t have money to continue study) status of Muslims in some area. They’ll need a few more volunteers. They would request your involvement, suggestions and time/efforts.

Our own problems look smaller (or silly, sometimes) when we see the problems of others, who are in a very bad state. You’ll get a sense of supreme satisfaction when your efforts go beyond your family & friends.

And, most importantly – inviting to good, helping the community, and other good deeds are the ones that’ll help us once we cease to live.

Bill Gates was asked “what advice he had for ordinary readers who might want to engage in micro-philanthropy”.

Reply: “The key thing is to pick a cause, whether its crops or diseases or great high schools. Pick one and get some more in-depth knowledge. If possible, travel to see the problems firsthand, then pick an organization to support with donations or volunteer time” (NYT Interview. Also in The Hindu Dt. 26-Jan-09)


Written by S Ibrahim

Jan 28, 2009 at 10:02 pm

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