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A Rabbi to Bernie Madoff

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Background: Madoff was the guy entrusted to manage the investments of a handful of ultra-rich Jews and jewish organizations. He swindled about $50 B (About – 220,000 Crore INR)

This caused a lot of anguish & discussions in the Jewish circles. Here are some excerpts from one Rabbi’s open letter to Madoff.
..A betrayal is different than a failure. A betrayal is an intentional wounding. It is born of cruelty, not ignorance. Most of us know of failures and betrayals. What you have done, however, is to radically expand the scope and viciousness of betrayal. You betrayed not just your friends, but your closest friends… You betrayed charities whose good works you have extinguished in an afternoon…

..An entire world economy we now know is based to an immense degree on simple trust, and you have done more than any single person to destroy that trust. You are a financial terrorist. ..What has brought us down are not worthless financial instruments, but worthless people ..

You did not cause the anti-Semitic insults about Jews and money, but you caused them to be revived. Not since Julius Rosenberg spied for the Soviet Union has one person so damaged the image and the self-respect of American Jews..

..From this day to the end of your life, there will be none who will trust you. To be mistrusted by everyone is an enormous curse and you have brought this all upon yourself, and for what purpose? .. You have not just made a bad calculation about how money works, you have made a bad calculation about how life works.


Written by S Ibrahim

Jan 3, 2009 at 1:22 pm

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