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BJP and Terrorism Cases: Letters

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These are some portions of the letters to The Hindu editor

T. Marx: “It is a shame that the saffron brigade is exasperatedly trying to deny a link between the Hindutva agenda and the Malegaon blasts accused. Contrary to usual assertions by the security agencies — that Islamist outfits are behind most terrorist strikes — it has emerged that many bomb blasts are most likely the handiwork of Hindutva groups bent on violent revenge.

Perhaps the most important lesson for the police in the Malegaon episode is that they need to be objective while dealing with terrorism. Investigation must lead to conclusions. Not the other way round

T.V. Shankar Narayanan: “It seems to be the sangh parivar’s case that if a Hindu throws a bomb on innocent people, it is an act of nationalism and if a Muslim does the same thing, it is an act of terrorism.

In the latter instance, the accused should be subject to the most draconian laws such as POTA and, if possible, eliminated in a police encounter. But if the accused is a Hindu, he or she should be given protection under the law”

Kasim Sait: “The cartoon (Nov. 20) is an apt portrayal of the BJP’s double standards of advocating trial-free declaration of innocence of the Hindutva accused and an insistence on trial-less conviction of those accused of jihadi terror through laws such as POTA”

Biju Mathew: “The BJP doublespeak is nothing new…Its attitude is: we will abide by the law as long as it is in our favour and it suits us. Even when the court acquits a person, it continues with its tirade. The ABVP’s protest against S.A.R. Geelani during a seminar in Delhi is a case in point”


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Nov 22, 2008 at 12:03 am

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