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Draconian Laws (POTA, TADA etc) and our security

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What is wrong with POTA? Why shouldn’t the government bring back POTA?

1. The fact that the conviction rate under POTA is 1% (The Hindu Editorial). That means 99% of POTA cases are fabricated/false. They are no weak cases (or benefits of doubt), as the provisions were mainly against the accused.

2. Rajendra, Boston, wrote in Economic Times: Well I am with Govt, when they say no POTA. All the laws are failure because of non-implementation, and not because of no law. The terrorist problem is because of diversion from main stream, because of misguiding youth by terrorist mullahs, and because of injustice done to them by people. So a very big effort is required from all of us to undo that. We all know that how inefficient our Police force is. Not only state police, but CBI also. When ever there is pressure , these people frame charges on innocent people will punish them and then simply sit idle. Corruption, inefficiency, unaccountability, insufficient resources, inadequate compensation is eating our police force. How many of you have faith in Indian Police. Majority of you will say no faith. And if you will give these people with laws like POTA then do you expect it will do good for society. Talk to people who had faced harassment from Police and you will understand the issues because of such Laws. I think there is need to tackle above mentioned problems rather than making laws like POTA.


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Nov 10, 2008 at 6:36 pm

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