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Hinduisation, Conversions

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A critical look at the claim that Hinduism does not enjoin conversions as the so-called revealed religions do

A peculiar aspect of the controversies about religious conversions is the axiomatic assumption that Christianity and Islam, are poaching on the “exclusive” territory of Hinduism. Related to this is another opinion that Hinduism is a self-contained system of beliefs, the sanatana dharma, and so does not engage in proselytisation.

…take the case of Manipur where virtually the whole population of the Imphal Valley, accounting for about two-thirds of the population, became Hindu in a matter of a few years following the King, Pamheiba (1714-1754), becoming a Hindu under the influence of Santi Das, a migrant Bengali Brahmin from Sylhet who followed Vaishavism as propagated by Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.  The Hindu Article

Here is a Christian’s opinion on the conversions to Christianity:

Why is the Christian population in India on a steady decline? The answer: More Hindu lives are saved in Christian hospitals than all the conversion that is made out by the Bajrang Dal. The conversions taking place are a miniscule minority, and does not advocate such treatment to the community, who have done more good than bad in the country. Millions of lives have been saved in Christian hospitals, millions have got a good, moral based and cheap education, which they will cherish all their lives. Forget religion. What signal does any Hindu who supports the Bajrang Dal send out to the world? Is this the signal ‘Hindu’ India wants to send to the world? Is this the ‘superpower’ status we are trying to project to the world?


Written by S Ibrahim

Nov 9, 2008 at 1:23 pm

3 Responses

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  1. Mr Seyed Ibrahim don’t forget that most probably your grandfather or great great grandfather must have been forcibly converted to Islam by the [edited] Muslim invaders of India. Religious conversions are evil especially if you convert a peaceful and morally upright person into a religion that condones killing of sacred animals like the merciful cow and terrorising innocents with [edited].


    Jun 5, 2009 at 3:40 pm

    • Hello srmchandran, Thank you for the comment. Our village embraced Islam over 800 years ago. Archeological evidences suggest that was when the Muslim merchants from Arabia came to do business in some parts of India.

      Our forefathers were impressed by the integrity, honesty and other good traits of those early Muslims and reverted to Islam. We didnt become Muslims due to invaders

      On the topic of animals, Islam has rules on humane treatment to them, even during their slaughter. If Cows are sacred, how about the hen/chicken and goats that are sacrificed at the altars of several Hindu Gods? Are they inferior (or born to lower category of animals)?

      On terrorism, Muslims are the worst affected community by the menace of terrorism. Please see for brief discussions on the reality.


      Jun 7, 2009 at 8:47 pm

  2. mr seyed,

    The cow is definitely superior to other animals and we should forever be indebted to this gentle creature, for its mercy showered upon mankind (providing milk which is the unchallenged king of human food – the only fit nourishment for human children, source of multitudes of dairy products etc). Any human who kills the cow will be condemned for the full span of his material existence (Maybe this explains why Muslims are the most affected by terrorism and violence in this world. How can one find peace if he has no qualms about killing his own mother. I must add that Western countries like the US which condone cow killing are also no better off than Muslims and they are paying for it by their fate of being completely overwhelmed by material life – as opposed to spiritual development).
    About your claim that your forefathers willingly embraced Islam having been impressed by Muslim merchants from Arabia, not many Indian Muslims can say the same about their ancestors. [edited]. As you mentioned in your earlier post, how Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu converted enmass Muslims into his Bhakti movement – that was not conversion but undoing of the forcible conversion earlier by Muslim invaders. (If you indeed are a truth seeker as you appear to be, I recommend that you read up on the conversion of the Chand Khazi by Lord Chaitanya who is God incarnate descended upon this world to teach people how to become perfect devotees and transcend all human suffering) You would have been blessed indeed if your forefathers had the good fortune to accept the mercy of Lord Chaitanya who is called `Pathita Pavana’ (most merciful deliverer of suffering souls).


    Jun 7, 2009 at 10:05 pm

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